At Elixir Naturals, we put your health first! Not only do we provide scientifically-formulated supplements that help you deal with some of the most troublesome health issues people face today, we care enough to use only the most naturally sourced, quality formulas without artificial ingredients or fillers.



MigrAway: Are you tired of worrying about the long-term effects of headache medicine, like stomach ulcers and liver damage? MigrAway is created with such ingredients as Feverfew, Butterbur, Black Pepper Extract, Magnesium Threonate, Ginger Root Extract and White Willow Bark in order to knock out your most stubborn headaches the natural way. White willow bark was used by Native Americans as a natural pain reliever.

NicQuit: We know you have plenty of options when it comes to quitting cigarettes. But, NicQuit is designed to help even the heaviest smoker wean from nicotine and become smoke free without experiencing withdrawal symptoms, by focusing on restoring lung health and balancing receptors in your brain with ingredients such as Lobelia, Licorice, Wild Oats Avena Sativa, N-Acetyl Cysteine and L theanine. Not only does Lobelia replace nicotine’s addictive role in your neuron pathways, it also actively heals the damage in your lungs.
NicQuit Clinical Study:

Slimmer Down: Fad diets, dangerous pills, and hours of exercise–does this sound familiar? Losing weight doesn’t have to be expensive or extreme. Slimmer Down contains garcinia cambogia, which helps suppress the appetite without dangerous chemicals or high doses of caffeine. Trans Resveratrol helps increase energy and promotes proper heart health.  A healthy weight is about balanced, natural nutrition that makes your body feel nourished and satisfied.
AgeLess:  Free radicals can age your body both from the inside and on the outside. This product is created with polygonum cuspidatum root and red wine extract, which has been widely used in Traditional Naturopathic Medicine to treat a variety of ailments, and is now known to contain potent levels of trans resveratrol. Trans Resveratrol is a polyphenol antioxidant that shows significant promise in reducing the effects of aging.
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NutriEye:  Containing Lutein and Zeaxanthin, NutriEye is designed to protect against macular degeneration, one of the leading causes of age-related blindness. Macular degeneration is a long-term process that begins well before you notice its effects. Taking a supplement like NutriEye works as an effective preventative and may slow the process of age-related vision impairment.
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Wild Fish Oil:  Elixir Naturals Wild Fish Oil is formulated with the highest concentrate of 1600mg EPA+DHA Omega 3s per serving.  We use sustainable sourced fish from deep ocean waters, we no not use farm-raised fish.  Our cutting-edge molecular distillation process is designed to remove mercury, heavy metals, dioxins, furans and total PCB’s to .0003 ppm, which beats the most stringent contaminant standards in international trade.
Lean N Cut:: helps maintain a healthy physique by enhancing fat loss and promoting muscle definition. It boosts adrenaline to help your body lift more reps and maximize your workout sessions. Additionally it prevents muscle wear, promotes pre-workout energy and healthy adrenaline levels. It also supports natural testosterone levels and enhances the repair of muscle tendon. .
Lock Less Jaw: Elixir Naturals Lock Less Jaw formula helps ease the tension and pain associated with the temporomandibular joint. The supplement Reduces stress and anxiety and prevents teeth grinding. It also helps relieve jaw pain and promotes a restful sleep. It relieves all TMJ related symptoms.
Restless Legs: is Elixir Naturals unique supplement that offers several benefits and works effectively when complimented with a healthy and balanced diet. It helps support relaxation and prevents nerve associated involuntary leg movements and night sweats. It also supports balanced mood and promotes calm sleep which helps relive all RLS related symptoms and anxiety.
L- Methylfolate:: also commonly known as 5-MTHF, is the active form of Vitamin B9; a necessity to regulate and supplement routine body functions. Approximately 70% of the world’s population has folate deficiency! Low folate levels hamper daily life and also impact the efficiency of other mood enhancing supplements. Folic Acid has the basic requirement to be converted to its active form to be used by the body. L-Methylfolate does exactly that.
L-Methylfolate Clinical Study:
By using only high quality plant extracts and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, we can help you achieve the highest level of health possible without consuming dangerous chemicals, preservatives or additives. Additionally, the quality control techniques put into both our supplements and our packaging ensures that our products maintain that high quality level from our facilities, to the store shelf, and into your home.


Our Mission is Your Health!
“I ran track and played soccer when I was younger and could feel the effects of all that activity catching up with me. I’m only 41 and the pain was starting to slow me down tremendously. I started taking Ageless a couple of months ago and it’s been all good for me ever since.”
Bryan W. – Lincoln, NE | Ageless product
“My migraines used to be so bad that I would have to call into work at least twice a month. This stuff has helped tremendously in relieving that pain.”
Donald I. – Springfield, IL | MigrAway product

“My ophthalmologist recommended that I start taking the AREDS 2 supplements to help slow the progression of age-related blindness. I did some research and came across NutriEye from Elixir Naturals and I can say that it is helping.”

Jane R. – Tacoma, WA | Nutri Eye product

“I heard about this product from a coworker. It works well. I didn’t want a get skinny fast solution. I just wanted something to help me lose weight because in the past dieting by itself didn’t work.”

Amber H. – Kansas City, MO | Slimmer Down product
“I had been trying to quit smoking for a little over 10 months before trying NicQuit. I followed the instructions listed on the bottle and quit for 72 hours while taking NicQuit and was able to stop smoking for the first time in 18 years.”
Tyrese F. – Panama City, FL | NicQuit product
“My cardiologist recommended I take Omega 3 fish oil to prevent heart disease.  My daughter gave me the Elixir Naturals Wild Fish Oil and told me to take 2 softgels a day.  I like this Fish Oil because it does not give me heartburn.”
Lisa P. – Houston, TX | Wild Fish Oil product
“Since I was a teenager I move my legs in my sleep without thinking. I think if I move them to a different position they will feel more comfortable. My doctor has tried various treatments for Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS. All the meds he prescribed were expensive and made me feel groggy. I tried the herbal route and finally found success with this RLS supplement.”
David P. San Francisco CA | Restless Legs Product
“A friend of mine recommended this formula because it retained the water in your muscles to prevent wear on your muscles with my intense workouts. I have found that it is a good product to add to my stack.”
Tony V. Buffalo NY. | Lean N Cut product
“I grind my teeth in my sleep to the point of when I wake up I can barely open my mouth because of the pain in my jaw. The doctor tried the mouth guard which made it worse because I could not breath or feel comfortable when I slept. I tried this TMJ formula and it has worked wonders in relaxing my teeth grinding in my sleep. I highly recommend this product.”
Jennifer A. Los Angeles CALock Less Jaw Product
“I was taking 7.5mg of Delphin for my MTHFR gene variations. My insurance stop paying for the prescription and its cost was almost $3 a pill. I found supplementing with Elixir Naturals L-Methylfolate was the best quality product I came across.”
Alex. Los Angeles CA | L-Methylfolate product