Are all Elixir Products natural?

Yes. We use only high-quality, naturally-sourced ingredients, and we can guarantee that you won’t find anything in your products that isn’t found in nature.

What products do you currently offer?

Right now Elixir Natural has 10 products in its product line:
NicQuit – a supplement to help smokers quit, naturally
Slimmer Down – our finest weight-loss supplement
MigrAway – a natural treatment for headaches and migraines
Ageless – naturally-sourced to help you feel young and stay healthy, increases energy, lowers bad LDL, increases cardio health
NutriEye – combats macular degeneration and age-related blindness
Wild Fish Oil – 900mg EPA + 700mg DHA concentrated Omega 3’s to keep your heart healthy
Lean N Cut – Increases adrenaline for lifting more reps and prevents wear and tear in muscles
L- Methylfolate – Folate from 21.7mg L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate, calcium salt
RestLess Legs – Natural RLS supplement that calms your nervous system & offers relief from Restless Leg Syndrome
Lock Less Jaw – Dietary supplement that helps ease the tension & pain associated with the Temporo Mandibular Joint

Can you manufacture my supplements for me?

Sure no problem, just contact us for more information on pricing and minimum order quantity.

How do I order?

You can either order straight from the product page or you can place an order over the phone with an Elixir rep by calling 1-888-234-2442.

Do your products actually work?

We can assure you that our products work if used for their intended purposes.
Not only are Elixir products backed by clinical trials, we have a community of satisfied customers who can attest that our products deliver the results they need and expect.

What if I’m not satisfied with my order?

Your satisfaction is our main priority. So, if you feel our products aren’t providing you with the results you expected, give us a call at 1-888-234-2442 so we can discuss what can be done for you.

After how long should I expect to see results?

Every person is different. We’ve had customers who have seen results in as little as one week.
However, we suggest that you give your product a full 3 weeks to work – after that, you should start seeing noticeable signs of improvement.

What’s the difference between Elixir products and other similar products?

One word: ingredients.
We aim for purity, and the only way to achieve that is to use all natural ingredients.

Return Policy ?

If you are a new customer ordering Elixir Naturals products for the first time, we want you to be happy with the product. Though returns are rare, you may return, within 30 days of your receipt, any unopened/unused product for a refund if purchased online at The customer will return the product to Elixir Naturals, Inc. at his or her own expense. Additionally, please note there will be a $7.99 handling charge deducted from your refund amount.

Because we suggest that customers buy 3 bottles to allow them to take the product for 90 days to achieve maximum benefits, at the end of 30 days, you will have 2 unopened bottles of Elixir Naturals products that will qualify for the refund.

There are no refunds on orders of just one bottle.
There are NO refunds on repeat orders.
The refund option applies only to new users of Elixir Naturals products.
Auto-Ship Program Refund and Cancellation Policy

Because daily use of Elixir Naturals products has helped so many people, many users prefer the convenience and savings of being on the Auto-Ship program. This program automatically ships out 3 bottles of Elixir Naturals products to your home every 3 months. The savings are substantial and the shipping is free.

For the first auto-ship order only, you may return all unopened/unused product for a refund. The cost of shipping the product back to Elixir Naturals, Inc. is at the customers expense. Additionally, a handling charge of $7.99 will be deducted from your refund amount.

Should you ever want to discontinue auto-shipments, you must let Elixir Naturals, Inc. know in writing or by email, 30 days before the next auto-shipment is to be sent out. Please note there will be NO refunds of auto-ship orders that are sent, if Elixir Naturals was not notified 30 days in advance of your desire to cancel auto-shipments.