RESTLESS LEGS -Relieves symptoms associated with restless legs syndrome (RLS)

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  • Supports Relaxation
  • Prevents night sweats
  • Balances Mood
  • Promotes Calm Sleep

Product Description

rlsYou may have often noticed some people continuously shake their legs and they just can’t seem to stop! We often tag it as a sign of nervousness or under confidence. But did you know it could be more than that? Restless Leg Syndrome is a very common disorder of the nervous system that causes a continuous urge to move one’s legs. Sometimes it is so severe that it affects one sleep and is therefore also regarded as a sleep disorder. While there is no one or exact cause of why it happens, several reasons like certain chronic diseases, some kinds of medications or even pregnancy for women can be the cause.

RLS can lead to several other health related issues like anxiety and stress; that in turn have adverse affects. Since it is also a sleep disorder, a disturbed sleep cycle can add to the issues and problems one faces. The body needs all it parts working smoothly to be able to perform all that it needs to. RLS can severely effect one’s daily life and be a hindrance to one’s life and lifestyle.

At Elixir Naturals we offer an all natural RLS supplement that calms your nervous system and offers relief from Restless Leg Syndrome. It is a natural dietary supplement that offers several benefits and works effectively when complimented with a healthy and balanced diet. It helps:

  • Support Relaxation
  • Prevent night sweats
  • Balance Mood
  • Promote Calm Sleep

It has been formulated using natural ingredients that calm anxiety and sooth the nerves. It also promotes relaxation and relieves stress. It cuts down the urge to move one’s legs and fights against the symptoms. RLS may sound like a very normal issue but if ignored it can become severe and impact all aspects of our life. It heightens the already stressful life we live today! Our RLS supplement will help you enjoy life better and make it bigger!


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