I had been trying to quit smoking for a little over 10 months before trying NicQuit. I followed the instructions listed on the bottle and quit for 72 hours while taking NicQuit and was able to stop smoking for the first time in 18 years.

Tyrese F. – Panama City, FL | NicQuit product

I ran track and played soccer when I was younger and could feel the effects of all that activity catching up with me. I’m only 41 and the pain was starting to slow me down tremendously. I started taking Ageless a couple of months ago and it’s been all good for me ever since.

Bryan W. – Lincoln, NE | AgeLess product

“The best. I feel better than I’ve felt in 20 years.”

Michael J. – Portland, OR | AgeLess product

I don’t take any weight loss supplements that aren’t all natural. I absolutely love Slimmer Down. I’m almost back to my college weight!

Monica G. – San Diego, CA | Slimmer Down product

Somehow AgeLess has helped reduce the severity of my allergies. They used to be so strong that I would get some pretty serious chest pains because of all the coughing and sneezing during the summer. My mom recommended this product.

Jacob M. – Salt Lake City, UT | AgeLess product

“Age has really taken a toll on my vision these past few years, but my doctor recommended NutriEye and I believe this product is a good preventive measure.”

Margo T. – Colorado Springs, CO | NutriEye product

Thank goodness for Slimmer Down. I have a high school reunion in 4 weeks and I needed to lose at least 10 pounds. I’ve lost 7 already in 4 weeks. Woohoo!

Brenda R. – Medford, OR | Slimmer Down product

Amazing customer service with a great product!

Heather B. – Nashville, TN | Slimmer Down product

Thanks because I don’t know what I would do without my sight.

Patricia S. – Raleigh, NC | NutriEye product

I’m 29 and I take AgeLess and I feel like incredible. I walk around a lot in my courier job and it was starting to tire me out quicker, but this stuff is great at combating that.

Darren D. – Jackson, MS | AgeLess product

I love all of the natural ingredients in it.

Yolanda W. – Casper, WY | Slimmer Down product

This is my first time trying it and I really like it.

Jim C. – Savannah, GA | AgeLess product

I went to the local vitamin shop and the lady recommended this product for my headaches. I did some research on the ingredients and this actually really works to relieve the pain in my head.

Suzie M. – Toronto, Canada MigrAway product

I grind my teeth in my sleep to the point of when I wake up I can barely open my mouth because of the pain in my jaw. The doctor tried the mouth guard which made it worse because I could not breath or feel comfortable when I slept. I tried this TMJ formula and it has worked wonders in relaxing my teeth grinding in my sleep. I highly recommend this product.

Jennifer A. Los Angeles CA. TMJ product

I was taking 7.5mg of Delphin for my MTHFR gene variations. My insurance stop paying for the prescription and its cost was almost $3 a pill. I found supplementing with Elixir Naturals L-Methylfolate was the best quality product I came across.

Alex. Los Angeles CA. L-Methylfolate product

MigrAway has helped with my headaches in a way that Tylenol and Motrin couldn’t do together.

Ben T. – Phoenix, AR | MigrAway product

I heard about this product from a coworker. It works well. I didn’t want a get skinny fast solution. I just wanted something to help me lose weight because in the past dieting by itself didn’t work.”

Amber H. – Kansas City, MO | Slimmer Down product

My ophthalmologist recommended that I start taking the AREDS 2 supplements to help slow the progression of age-related blindness. I did some research and came across Nutri Eye from Elixir Naturals and I can say that it is helping.”

Jane R. – Tacoma, WA | NutriEye product

I started smoking ‘socially’ a few years ago and it progressed into a full-blown smoking habit. I’ve been trying to quit on my own, but a friend ended up giving me a bottle of this NicQuit from Elixir Naturals and I haven’t touched a cigarette in almost two weeks.

Patricia K. – Baltimore, MA | NicQuit product

My family has a history of macular degeneration eye disease. I started having trouble with my eye sight when I was 67. I’m 72 now and I started using NutriEye and I felt comfortable that my eye sight has not gotten worse. Great product.

Timothy F. – Dallas, TX | NutriEye product

I LOVE Slimmer Down. I took it after having my second child and I’ve lost nearly 12 pounds in the last 7 weeks. Thanks!

Amanda E. – Miami, FL | Slimmer Down product

I found MigrAway when I was looking for something to help my husband with his migraines. He seems to be a lot less crabby these days.

Janice H. – Carson City, NV | MigrAway product

It’s a shame there are not more products to help people quit smoking. I wish I had known about this product 2 years ago. I’ve tried like 4 different things but I find this one is the most effective.

David L. – Bismarck, ND | NicQuit product

I have a higher energy level than I had just a couple of years ago. This is a great product and now my wife takes it too.

Gerald P. – Montgomery, AL | AgeLess product

There’s nothing more to say than this product is amazing!

Mark O. – Flagstaff, AZ | MigrAway product

My husband always complains of fuzzy vision in his left eye. When he started taking this it improved in about 6 weeks.

Joan B. – Grand Forks, ND | NutriEye product

My migraines used to be so bad that I would have to call into work at least twice a month. This stuff has helped tremendously in relieving that pain.

Donald I. – Springfield, IL | MigrAway product

The other two products I tried made me feel groggy, which was even more reason for me to smoke. This product doesn’t do that. I give it my approval.

Blake H. – Harrisburg, PA | NicQuit product

Since I was a teenager I move my legs in my sleep without thinking. I think if I move them to a different position they will feel more comfortable. My doctor has tried various treatments for Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS. All the meds he prescribed were expensive and made me feel groggy. I tried the herbal route and finally found success with this RLS supplement.

David P. San Francisco CA RLS product

A friend of mine recommended this formula because it retained the water in your muscles to prevent wear on your muscles with my intense workouts. I have found that it is a good product to add to my stack.

Tony V. Buffalo NY. Lean N Cut product